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    SACKETT SYSTEMS, INC. is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company.
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    1033 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Bensenville, IL USA 60106
Phone: (630)766-5500
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1033 Bryn Mawr
Bensenville, IL 60106
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Centurion Elite

  Key Features:

- Allows forklift driver (not dedicated personnel) to change batteries by automatically positioning the Hydra-Handler.

- Eliminates equipment damage to forklifts, batteries, charging stands and battery changer with its unique use of laser photo eyes and ultrasonic sensors

- Reduces battery changing training by including "lighted wand" (green=go, red=stop) handles and step by step screen prompts on the operator display.

- Speeds up battery changes by automatically traveling to preprogrammed battery changing positions.

- Maximizes battery life and reduces the batteries and chargers required with built in First-In, First-Out battery management software.



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